Spill The Beans #7: Festive Edition From An MMU Student

Here at MetMUnch HQ, we love Christmas!

Family time, crisp winter walks, hot and yummy nutritious food and time to relax (we hope!).

As a busy first term draws to a close, we hope you’re all excited for all of these things and more. We decided to speak to some of our best MetMUnchers to find out what they’ll be doing, how they’ll be relaxing and with moderation in mind; how they’ll fit in those all-important fruits and veggies during a choccytastic festive period.

In this first festive edition of Spill The Beans we speak to first year Nutritional Sciences student and MetMUncher; Jacob.


Hi Jacob! Any tips for eating the recommended “5 a day” during the xmas period? 

Hi! I’d say adding seasonal fruits like cranberries and clementines to your stuffing or cheeseboard is a good idea! Also making vegetable smoothies with added apple juice to sweeten. Yummy.

Brussels sprouts! yay or nay? 


Definitely yay! As unbelievable as it seems, I really do like the taste and they are packed with lots of valuable nutrients like vitamin K and vitamin C.

How much chocolate is too much chocolate?


chocolate1Chocolate is there to be enjoyed and if you have the discipline (I don’t) to limit yourself to the occasional bar, you will enjoy it even more. Dark chocolate is a good alternative to milk chocolate.

What WILL we find in your xmas fridge?



All the usual plus special treats like smoked salmon for brunch on Christmas morning and a seafood platter for New Year’s Eve.

What WON’T we find in your xmas fridge – and why?


Alcohol or anything high sugar that exercise can’t justify.

How do you normally relax during the xmas holidays?


I normally watch films, catch up with family and friends and go for long walks with my husky, Genghis.

How is your xmas veg normally cooked? – and why?

boiled veg.jpg


For too long and with too much salt because my grandma makes it (sorry grandma!).

Thank you Jacob! Some great festive tips and tricks there! It seems the much divisive brussels sprout is a winner in Jacob’s eyes. We wonder if Genghis the dog likes them?

We’ll be back soon with another festive foodie genius and we’ll be asking them to spill the beans!

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Spill The Beans interviews by Sam Harrison

From Everyone at MetMUnch, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year