Spill The Beans #8: Festive Edition From An MMU Student

Here at MetMUnch HQ, we love Christmas!

Family time, crisp winter walks, hot and yummy nutritious food and time to relax (we hope!).

As a busy first term draws to a close, we hope you’re all excited for all of these things and more. We decided to speak to some of our best MetMUnchers to find out what they’ll be doing, how they’ll be relaxing and with moderation in mind; how they’ll fit in those all-important fruits and veggies during a choccytastic festive period.

In this first festive edition of Spill The Beans we speak to first year Nutritional Sciences student and MetMUncher; Nicole.

Hi Nicole! Any tips for eating the recommended “5 a day” during the xmas period?

Nicole metmunch

Hello! I would suggest to make it fun. Use Christmas flavours and spices and maybe make them into Christmas shapes, use snow man cutters to make sweet potato dippers, and be creative. Also, soup is great, a wide variety of vegetables can be used and it also keeps you warm over the winter.

Brussel sprouts! yay or nay?

Brussel Sprout

Personally, I do not like Brussel sprouts but I will eat them because they are good for you and contain lots of nutrients. I may dislike them but I will try my best to eat them. I just cover them in gravy and have it with something I like to distract my taste buds. One day I may learn to love them but definitely a ‘nay’ for now.

How much chocolate is too much chocolate?

dark chocolate

Everyone deserves to enjoy food. So if you have some chocolate do not feel guilty or disheartened. Be positive and understand that we sometimes need to treat ourselves. Dark chocolate is best and we are recommended to have 25g-30g a day. So, if you are partial to chocolate still have it but less often and try to switch to darker varieties over 70%.

What WILL we find in your xmas fridge?

good-mood-food2 (1)

Lots of winter vegetables and left-over turkey! Left-over meat is great for soups, salads and a hearty sandwich. Try not to waste the meat that you have spent hours roasting and preparing. You will also find an excess of milk as I love hot chocolates over the Christmas holidays.

What WON’T we find in your xmas fridge – and why?


Well, you normally won’t find sprouts… You also won’t find cheese. The worst thing for me at Christmas time is when my family bring out the cheese board and I have to leave the room because of the smell. I’m defiantly not a cheese person!

How do you normally relax during the xmas holidays?

I watch plenty of Christmas movies, my favourite is Elf. I love to bake. Christmas baking is fun and relaxing. I wouldn’t say that I am really a relaxed person though as Christmas is too exciting to be relaxed. I like to be busy and create things at Christmas time. I like to make handmade gifts and decorations.


How is your xmas veg normally cooked? – and why?

My nana cooks the family Christmas dinner. She is the best cook in the family. Her vegetables taste beautiful and are not cooked for too long. I swear there is a secret to her wonderful vegetables, one day I will have to find out!

Xmas veg.jpg

Thank you so much, Nicole. We really want to try your nana’s yummy vegetables and well done for eating your nutritious sprouts!

It seems all our MetMunchers have such brilliant attitudes towards chocolate and moderation. We love it! Nicole is right, sometimes we just need to treat ourselves, free of guilt.

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Spill The Beans interviews by Sam Harrison

From Everyone at MetMUnch, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Cz9WLJAXcAAKUUW