Spill The Beans #5: Food Tips From An MMU Student

MetMUnch knows it can be tricky to strike a good balance between your studies, money and feeding yourself.

With this is mind, we decided to speak to some of nutrition’s future superstars to spill the beans on their food habits, tips and tricks!

In this issue of Spill the beans we speak to third year Nutritional Sciences student; Keli…

 Hi! What do you love about food?


Hello. Well, I love the fact you can be adventurous with different flavours and fusions. Also, I believe being creative with food is one of the best ways to stay on track with healthy eating. It keeps things interesting.

How do you fuel yourself before a day at uni?

Overnight oats with Chia seeds keeps me energised until lunchtime. Sometimes I’ll have almond yoghurt and berries or a homemade smoothie with either coconut water, pear, spinach and oats or coconut milk, nut butter, oat bran and fruit. Yum.


 What’s your go-to healthy snack when at uni?

I really enjoy homemade energy balls from Deliciously Ella or just fruit, nice and simple. If I haven’t come prepared, I’ll just grab a Naked bar from the canteen.



What WILL we find in your fridge?

Lots of fruit and veg. Tofu, salmon, prawns. Feta cheese, eggs, salad leaves, spinach, beetroot, avocado, hummus, soya milk, coconut water, butter, olives, chicken, yoghurt. chilli, coriander, purée and chilli sauce.


What WON’T we find in your fridge ­ and why?

Processed ready meals as they are full of rubbish and bad for you. I love to make my own dishes so I know exactly what’s in them. Coca – cola!! I hate it with a passion and I refer to it as drain- cleaner! It has no benefit or purpose whatsoever.



What three food essentials can you never do without?

Fruit and veg. My fridge is always stocked up. Also, a variety of herbs and spices –  especially garlic, coriander and chilli.


What is your best piece of advice for food shopping on a budget?

Shop local to get fresh produce and support smaller businesses. Meal planning in advance is important to save money and always prep your food, so you have more time to relax after a day at university. I normally prepare on a Sunday ready for the week ahead.



Thank you so much, Keli! We agree that meal planning/prepping can be a life saver. Not only does it curb spontaneous spending, but allows more free time to chill out at the end of the day.



See you again soon for more spilling of the beans with our amazing nutrition megastars!

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Spill The Beans interviews by Sam Harrison.