Spill The Beans #3: Food Tips From An MMU Student


MetMUnch know it can be tricky to strike a good balance between your studies, money,  feeding yourself and what you need to shine.

The start of the academic year is an exciting and chaotic time, but it can also be the perfect chance to form new habits – which will hopefully leave you with a healthy body, brain and bank balance.

With this is mind, we decided to speak to some of nutrition’s future superstars to spill the beans on their food habits, tips and tricks!

In this issue of Spill The Beans MetMUncher Sam Harrison spoke to third year Nutritional Sciences student, Charlotte …


Hi,Charlotte! What do you love about food?

Charlotte Fisher

Hello. I love how it brings people together at occasions like Christmas and birthdays and how much you can brighten up someone’s day with cake!


How do you fuel yourself before a day at uni?



I usually hit the gym before uni so it’s not uncommon for me to have two breakfasts! Oats, eggs, whey protein, yoghurt and bananas are all on the menu.

My favourite breakfast at the moment is proats (protein oats) made with oats, grated courgette (trust me, it adds loads of volume) and whey protein.


What’s your go to healthy snack when at uni?



Probably apples, rice cakes, cottage cheese or roast chicken.


What WILL we find in your fridge?


Loads of vegetables, cottage cheese, hummus, chicken, turkey, fish, Greek yoghurt and all of my meal prep for the next couple of days so baked sweet potatoes are usually there too. I will probably have hazelnut milk and beetroot in too which are my current obsessions

What WON’T we find in your fridge – and why?


There aren’t many foods that I don’t like or won’t eat but I never have ready meals in the fridge. They’re really expensive and never taste that nice. I love dessert but I try not to keep any in the fridge too often because I know it’ll disappear all at once if I do!


What three food essentials can you never do without?


My spiralizer for making courgette and carrot noodles, soup because you can literally make anything in to soup and it’ll taste good and artisan bread. You can dunk it in your soup, make it in to awesome sandwiches and who doesn’t love toast!

What is your best piece of advice for food shopping on a budget?


Load up on seasonal veggies which are cheap and cheerful. Cabbage isn’t sexy but it’s usually pretty cheap and full of nutrients! Veggies are great for bulking out meals, as are staples like rice, pasta and potatoes. Cheaper cuts of meat like chicken thighs and braising steak can make great stews and will feed the whole house or can be frozen and provide several meals.

Get a job as a barista so that you rarely have to pay for good coffee.

We will be back soon with more inspiring tips from our fabulous food fanatics, where we’ll be asking them to spill the beans.


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Spill The Beans interviews by Sam Harrison.