MetMUnch knows it can be tricky to strike a good balance between your studies, money and feeding yourself what you need to shine.

The start of the academic year is an exciting and chaotic time, but it can also be the perfect chance to form new habits – which will hopefully leave you with a healthy body, brain and bank balance.

With this is mind, we decided to speak to some of nutrition’s future superstars to spill the beans on their food habits, tips and tricks!

In this issue of Spill the beans Sam Harrison spoke to MetMUncher and third year Nutritional Sciences student; Emma…



Hi, Emma! What do you love about food?

Emma Green


Howdy! Food is so versatile. Once you learn how to cook, you can be as creative as you please with dishes and your taste buds, and you can explore different delicacies and cultures out there. Food is a great social aspect too,­ going for meals with your friends, discovering different places and even hosting your own version of Come Dine with Me if you’re having a night in.

How do you fuel yourself before a day at uni?



I am a bit of a coffee addict, so I always have a latte at hand before those 9am starts. I usually have porridge with a mashed banana for breakfast ­ it takes two minutes to make in the microwave, or if I have a later start, mushrooms on toast is my favourite. I make sure I always drink plenty of water before I start my day as well.

What’s your go to healthy snack when at uni?New-PROPERCORN-Packaging


I usually buy my snacks at uni. I generally purchase one of the many flavours of propercorn popcorn (sweet and salted is my favourite), as its super easy and tasty, but I often go for granola bars or just a piece of fruit too.

What WILL we find in your fridge?


I stock the basic essentials: milk, yoghurt, cheese, fruit and vegetables. I buy products I can use for several different meals, such as peppers or carrots, and freeze them if I can’t use them all up in time. You’ll probably find the odd naughty snack lurking in the back too (Tesco’s 31p garlic bread, cough cough).


What WON’T we find in your fridge ­and why?


Ready meals! They’re so bad for you, a waste of money and take up so much room, especially when you have a tiny fridge between four of you. I don’t usually have meat either ­ if I do purchase it, I buy it on offer and freeze singular portions, or just eat Quorn options instead.

What three food essentials can you never do without?



Chopped tomatoes are a life saver at uni. They last forever, they’re super cheap and easy to store. I make breakfasts, pasta sauces, curries and even pizza from them. I also keep a few different spices in my cupboards, as they can bring to life even the most bland of meals. However, potatoes are my number one essential: mash, roasties, jackets, wedges, the list goes on. I can make so many different meals from just one food item.


What is your best piece of advice for food shopping on a budget?



Don’t buy brands! Most of the time, branded and unbranded products are exactly the same, except for the packaging and marketing behind it. Unless they¹re on offer (aka, when Ben & Jerry’s is half price), avoid them if you can. Also, try not to buy massive food shops, sell by dates are a real thing, that gem lettuce won’t last forever.

Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom, Emma! We understand the need for a coffee in the morning, and we love your idea of sharing food with friends in your very own Come Dine with Me! As Emma states, a cheap item, such as chopped tomatoes, can go such a long way if you’re feeling creative!

MetMUnch hopes our wonderful interviewee students have helped the transition to university life!


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Spill The Beans interviews by Sam Harrison.