Here’s what our partners have to say about MetMUnch!

“MetMUnch has given me the opportunity to continue learning outside of university lectures and put the knowledge that I was learning to good use. It has given me confidence to engage with the public, promoting how to lead a healthy lifestyle with a focus on sustainability throughout, both of which will be required when I graduate and begin to work in the field of nutrition.

Interacting with the public has been a fun and rewarding task; we have worked with individuals from all different ages, such as young school children at a spelling bee final, where we indicated the importance of healthy eating to their education, college students where we emphasised the impact that Fairtrade produce makes on global sustainability, and families at a Manchester festival, where we delivered wholesome meals and discussed how to eat and live healthily on a budget.

These events have all given me valuable experiences that I will be able to use in my future career, and they have all been enjoyable events that I feel have helped me settle into university life well.”

Hannan Amin, Manchester Met Student

“One of my attractions to MMU was the concept of MetMUnch and being able to participate in the student network.

During the last twelve months I have been afforded numerous opportunities to develop my skills, knowledge and experience whilst studying at MMU. MetMUnch has allowed me to embrace opportunities such as delivering training to Greater Manchester Police, educate and support deprived local communities, interact with the local community raising awareness of matters such as sustainability, carbon impact and of course my passion: nutrition.

As a mature student I have struggled at times with aspects of University life but being part of MetMUnch has given me some consistency and direction.

MetMUnch gives its members a wider outlook to the bigger picture whilst being educated. Events are always informative, inspirational and more than anything 100% rewarding for all involved!”

Rebecca Avery, Manchester Met Graduate

“Working with MetMUnch has given me an opportunity to network and develop my skills in many ways, not only nutrition related but in terms of communication and confidence.

The events we attend makes it very rewarding to see the difference we can and do make in our communities, educating people to improve their nutrition.”

Tara Sultan, Manchester Met Student

“MetMUnch is now the back bone of my CV. It has allowed me to volunteer and work with the community, improve my culinary skills and work with fantastic development chefs. I was able to work with a large team of great people, and tap into a vast amount of knowledge I would not have been able to gather myself. Further to this it was the most fun part of my University life!

I now have a job working in Research and Development for a globally renowned company. Without MetMUnch, I fear I never would have had the confidence to dream as big as I did and to achieve as well as I have. One of the reasons I was hired was for my fun, enthusiasm and creativity which was all inspired by MetMUnch.”

Zaak Kassam, Manchester Met Graduate