Elaine Fung, Manchester Met Student

“MetMUnch is a warm, welcoming place for various people from different courses to share their nutritional knowledge. You’ll meet a variety of people across university and in the public, and we share our ideas and learn from each other. You will learn different skills through MetMUnch by being in different positions in different events. You always find it so surprising how much you gain from it.

What I’ve gained from MetMUnch are not only numerous memories and friendships but also learning how to become part of a team and how to simplify complex information to deliver nutritional knowledge to people. These are part of the important skills I need for my future career as a dietitian. MetMUnch never forces you to join in every campaign but you will always be willing to help. Although some of our ideas are crazy and always surprise me, I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve had in MetMUnch!

Don’t be shy. Join us!”