Aofa Al-Faten, Manchester Met Student

“There are many reasons why I loved being part of MetMUnch, but its main attraction was the wonderful, like-minded people in our mini organisation.

I strongly recommend others looking to study Nutrition at MMU to join MetMUnch, since it’s a fantastic way to network with other students who have similar interests, as well as gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

MetMUnch allowed me to develop my social skills and professional experience. I’ve been exposed to a lot of professionals in nutrition via MetMUnch, which helped in giving me the confidence to just go out there and educate the local community on the importance of good nutrition. This in itself was always a very rewarding experience as I have always enjoyed giving back to the community.

Through MetMUnch I was given the opportunity to attend conferences held by the best lecturers and professionals in nutrition. I was able to learn all the latest research and studies. They were always a treat to attend and I always left feeling amazed!

Metmunch never felt like work to me, it was always a joy and honour to be part of. I built friendships, had a ton of fun and gained invaluable experience. Thank you MetMUnch!”