Here’s what our partners have to say about MetMUnch!

“MetMUnch is a great platform that has seen us work with the community through nutrition events, engage with the science industry making fermented foods at the Museum of Science & Industry, and getting out and about working with other universities such as at UCLan’s Green Week – talking to students and staff about how to eat sustainably while cooking for them in their SU!

It also helps students apply their passions. I came to MetMUnch with a pitch and pretty soon I was demonstrating the principles of why our food behaves the way it does in my own lab/restaurant experience. Great for learning how to run an event, apply our academic knowledge and improve presentation skills.

I can never wait to hear what the next brilliant and boundary pushing event we will be getting involved with is!”

Edward Mihr, Manchester Met Student

“MetMunch is a vibrant, inclusive entity which provides a plethora of experience that you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

MetMUnch is a fantastic way of getting involved at Manchester Met. I would strongly suggest that any student studying any course should join the network because at the end of the day, food has an impact on all of us, not just those who are studying Human Nutrition as part of their degree. The skills that you gain from participating in such events are invaluable and they are easily transferrable. Some of the skills gained from working with MetMUnch including teamwork, communication, and problem solving (just to name a few) are the very qualities which are desired by employers in any field of work. The other students who I have worked with on numerous events or projects under MetMUnch are so supportive and friendly. And Haleh Moravej has been a great and inspiring mentor on many occasions!

It’s great to collaborate with other societies, students and members of the community through MetMUnch because it allows me to understand more about food and other people inside and beyond the university campus, whether it be through making hundreds of smoothies, promoting awareness on sustainability issues such as Carbon Literacy, or understanding the importance of having a positive body image.

MetMUnch as an organisation has achieved a lot already and it’s just going to get bigger and better, and I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic network. And on top of that I am able to cook a lot faster at home, which is a bonus!”

Aysha Mazhar, Manchester Met Graduate

“MetMUnch is a warm, welcoming place for various people from different courses to share their nutritional knowledge. You’ll meet a variety of people across university and in the public, and we share our ideas and learn from each other. You will learn different skills through MetMUnch by being in different positions in different events. You always find it so surprising how much you gain from it.

What I’ve gained from MetMUnch are not only numerous memories and friendships but also learning how to become part of a team and how to simplify complex information to deliver nutritional knowledge to people. These are part of the important skills I need for my future career as a dietitian. MetMUnch never forces you to join in every campaign but you will always be willing to help. Although some of our ideas are crazy and always surprise me, I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve had in MetMUnch!

Don’t be shy. Join us!”

Elaine Fung, Manchester Met Student

“MetMUnch feels like a community you enjoy being in rather than a job.

When I started I worked voluntarily for MetMUnch. I was keen to attend all meeting and events, because you find yourself pulled towards it out of excitement everytime. We had many fun events and activities. I have learnt a lot about the kitchen and time constraints and how to make a lot out of a little bit of resources.

More importantly I found out nothing was impossible after making 2,000 soups on a winter’s day at Hulme Park. I experimented a lot, tasted things I’d never eaten, such as pineapples and mangoes, and learnt to love them.

Being on the MetMUnch team is very rewarding and there is a huge spirit within the enterprise.”

Malak Benashur, Manchester Met Student

“MetMUnch has given me the ability to put my knowledge of food and nutrition into practice. It has also given me practical experience in dealing with the public and developing excellent communication skills.

Working with MetMunch has enabled me to gain an invaluable insight into the wider community’s understanding of nutrition.

As well as nurturing academically, MetMUnch has played a pivotal role in providing an outline for culinary creativity and a platform for ideas and inspirations”

Iptisam Saeid, Manchester Met Student

“Joining MetMUnch was not a difficult decision for me. From the beginning I realised that it constitutes a great opportunity for me to apply all the theoritical knowledge I gained during my university years to a practical level.

I had the chance to meet new people, make new friends and understand the significance of Nutritional Science and how my knowledge and studies can become valuable for the society.

I had fantastic co-operation with my tutor and colleagues and I am not able to describe the feelings I had every single day. I would like to thank my tutor Haleh Moravej for trusting my abilities and giving me an unforgettable experience.

I gained great experience, new knowledge and I participated in innovative activities, which made my CV more employable and improved my confidence.”

Efi Tsagkari, Manchester Met Graduate

“In my first year of university, I built a strong friendship with the loving MetMUnch family. We are full of passion, we are creative, and we are energetic – with great teamwork! We always offer helping hands to each other – sometimes we may have some difficulties, but we can overcome the problems in the team meetings to discuss solutions and share ideas!

We are a great team in the community, helping and encouraging the public to care about their food sources and the environment. MetMUnch has definitely raised my awareness about sustainability in all kind of aspects. I am happy that I can gain knowledge through different events that MetMUnch and MMU’s Environment Team organised together. Personally, I believe that we can continuously bring a positive impact to our community; to sharing our passion and love with the people we care about!

Thank you for all the opportunities that I had in the MetMUnch family and to Haleh!”

YuLeen Chen, Manchester Met Student

“Joining MetMunch was one of the best decisions of my life.

MetMunch has totally changed my personality. It polished my communication as well as employability skills. Today, I very proudly hold the MMU Futures award in my hand – half of the points that I needed to win the award I received by participating in several MetMUnch events.

MetMunch is what I call a mobile lecture theatre, as it gives you a great experience of actually practicing your knowledge of nutrition and helps you enhance your public engagement skills. I am proud and very, very happy to be a MetMUncher. All thanks to our guru, Haleh Moravej, who invented MetMunch and worked day and night to make it what it is today – a global award winner.”

Armish Ali, Manchester Met Student

“There are many reasons why I loved being part of MetMUnch, but its main attraction was the wonderful, like-minded people in our mini organisation.

I strongly recommend others looking to study Nutrition at MMU to join MetMUnch, since it’s a fantastic way to network with other students who have similar interests, as well as gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

MetMUnch allowed me to develop my social skills and professional experience. I’ve been exposed to a lot of professionals in nutrition via MetMUnch, which helped in giving me the confidence to just go out there and educate the local community on the importance of good nutrition. This in itself was always a very rewarding experience as I have always enjoyed giving back to the community.

Through MetMUnch I was given the opportunity to attend conferences held by the best lecturers and professionals in nutrition. I was able to learn all the latest research and studies. They were always a treat to attend and I always left feeling amazed!

Metmunch never felt like work to me, it was always a joy and honour to be part of. I built friendships, had a ton of fun and gained invaluable experience. Thank you MetMUnch!”

Aofa Al-Faten, Manchester Met Student

“I imagine myself in a passenger’s seat in a car and that is me as a student. Whilst being in the passenger seat, I see and learn different things. For example, I learn that the brakes make the car stop, the gas pedal makes the car move, the steering wheel makes the car go left or right – and that is the knowledge I’m gaining at university.

But will knowing all that information mean that I’ll be able to drive a car efficiently? No.

What I need is driving lessons, and that is exactly what MetMUnch is offering me.”

Abdullah Al Ali, Manchester Met Graduate