Get Foraging for World Environment Day!

It’s World Environment Day, and we’re encouraging you to look around your neighbourhoods and become an urban forager.

We’ve been sharing tips and ideas that are key to finding exciting, tasty and nutritious plants in your local green spaces –– so that we can reimagine, recreate and restore our environments. We’ve compiled all of this into a simple urban foraging guide, which you can download, print out and take with you on your outdoor adventures this weekend (and beyond).

The guide covers good foraging practices, as well as several examples of edible plants that are in season right now, where to find them, and most importantly, which parts to eat!

Always take care to identify plants correctly, and if you’re not sure of a species, it’s best to leave it be. You must check with whoever owns the land you are foraging on that is it okay to pick any plants, and only take enough for personal use.

Hungry for more?

For more guidelines, advice and inspiration for foraging, check out these resources below:

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