The MetMUnch Vegan Foodie 4 – Wagamama – By Nikita Star

Wagamama – multiple locations

Waga 6

That’s right, this week we have a whole blog dedicated to Wagamama and their New Vegan Menu. Just recently, me and the MetMUnch crew had the pleasure of sampling every single dish in abundance.

What a wonderful time we had!

Wagamama released the new plant-based menu due to the growing demand from vegans and vegetarians, me being one of them. Furthermore, they’re interested in creating a more sustainable dining experience- which is why MetMUnch was invited.

Out of the new 29 dishes, 11 are solely vegan. Before I touch on my favourite ones, let me say each one was filled with flavour and the whole group had very satisfied tummies. The only hang up was it was quite high in sodium, from the soy sauce and additional salt, saying that we did over indulge on every dish so we did feel it!

Waga 1

Whilst you are deciding what to eat, you must try one of their fruit and vegetable juices. Super refreshing and delicious, we all ended up opting for the “Positive” juice containing pineapple, lime, spinach, cucumber and apple. Whilst most sipped elegantly, mine was gone in three gulps and I wanted another. Instead of ordering another juice though, I found myself colouring in my table-mat.

Below are the starters, going across from the top left to the bottom right we have edamame, wok-fried greens, yasai gyoza and raw salad. The edamame was the least favourite from me and my fellows, but the dumplings (yasai gyoza) were incredible. They weren’t greasy or poorly filled, but instead soft and light yet filling with tons of flavour and texture. This would be the starter I would opt for the in the future.

Waga 2

Keeping in order with the menu, we have the mains: yasai itame, kare burosu ramen, yasai pad thai, yasai yaki soba, warm chilli yasai salad and yasai samla curry. Pad Thai is always going to be a traditional favourite but what I was not expecting was to enjoy the salad so much!

Moreover, I wasn’t alone; everyone around me couldn’t get enough, we were using the lettuce as wraps and shovelling it in our mouths. I never order a salad when I’m eating out, but for this I will make an exception. The tofu was crispy and sweet and there was a range of texture with the veggies. The crisp romaine lettuce tasted like heaven against the strong flavours and saltiness from the soy sauce. The samla curry won the “best curry” award in PETA’s Food Awards, and that is no surprise, it was delicious and hearty. A couple of the team did not care for this one however, but that was due to their general dislike of coconut.

Waga 3

Usually, I’d scoff at sorbet being the only option for a vegan dessert- where’s the chocolate cake?! However, after being utterly stuffed with delicious, yet salty food, this cold dessert was just right. Both were very sweet, the lemongrass and lime also a bit sour- like a lemon sherbet. The guava and passion fruit was surprisingly creamy for a sorbet and I preferred the more mellow sweetness of this flavour.

Waga 4I highly recommended a trip to Wagamama’s, we all enjoyed it including those who had never experienced eating fully vegan meals. The staff are friendly and its fab there is plenty to choose from. Keep an eye out at the Freshers Fair for the wagamama stand; in my first year I won a free main and my friend won a free starter!

Waga 5

The MetMUnch team at Wagamama :)

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