Kettlebell Kitchen Review – By Cennet Tezgel

By Cennet Tezgel

A new restaurant claims to be Manchester’s first healthy fast food joint. But how does the food taste? MetMUncher Cennet went down to take a look.

Exercise your tastebuds: Kettlebell Kitchen

Going to the gym and thinking about our food choices has become increasingly popular in the last few years, so it follows that there’s been a big demand for more protein restaurants to open in Manchester.

With a variety of restaurants catering for everything from vegan raw foods to junk food cafes and wine-and-dine restaurants, the new Kettlebell Kitchen – on Great Ancoats Street, on the edge of Manchester City Centre – fits in nicely with the city’s friendly, foodie ethos.

Manchester is a very active city, packed with gym enthusiasts, marathon runners and yoga bunnies – and the Kettlebell Kitchen is a great place to refuel and get healthy, freshly-made fast food.

One of the kettlebells that gives the restaurant its name

As a gym addict myself, and a nutrition student in Manchester, I needed to visit.

First thoughts on the restaurant’s appearance were very stylish, with good seating arrangements and a great overall look – it’s any gym lover’s dream restaurant.

The layout makes it very pleasant to sit in, have a meal, and talk to others about healthy foods, active lifestyles or just life in general.

Funnily enough they even have an area where you can get some extra gym work in after your meal, or even challenge friends on some muscle-busting moves.

Test your strength in between courses

The food here is beyond amazing, with macronutrients counting in what they have on offer. It’s perfect for anyone watching their calorie intake or wanting higher protein in their post-workout meal.

They can adjust according to the goal, but you don’t have to be a gym bunny or a macro-counting machine to visit here – you just get the benefit of natural food, unprocessed and not full of saturated fats.

It was a hard decision to choose between protein pizza, burgers, salads, pasta with veg and more, but I decided to try the protein waffle chicken burger marinated in homemade BBQ sauce, with sweet potato fries and clean slaw.

Protein waffle chicken burger…
sweet potato fries…
…and slaw.

The sweet potato fries were hands down the best I have ever tried, and the waffle chicken burger was perfect. With he lean chicken and salad combined it really was amazing. It was great to have alternatives to fast food when you’re watching your food intake and taking care of yourself nutritionally.

On the side was clean slaw, and a BCAA pear drink from NOCCO. I also went for a chocolate coconut brownie, all homemade from raw nuts, and gluten free but with no sacrifice on taste – it was very moist and perfect to finish off my meal.

On the menu they offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options to cater to everyone’s dietary needs. Weekdays from 7am Kettlebell offer breakfast
choices like overnight oats, salmon and eggs or protein waffles. From tea and coffee to protein shakes and veggie boost smoothies there is an option for everyone at the Kettlebell Kitchen.

So the question is: what sets this fast food protein restaurant apart from the rest?

  • Kettlebell only use Himalayan pink salt – Himalayan pink salt contains a high number of essential minerals, rich in iodine, with less sodium per serving. This is beneficial for our body as we can increase hydration, create an electrolyte balance and prevent muscle cramping. There is a large list of benefits and it’s a great choice to add in foods.
  • They steam, grill and bake their foods – great cooking options to keep in nutrients (for example steaming veg).
  • Supporting local farms and communities with sustainably sourced products – all their meat is locally sourced: better for our environment and carbon footprint.

The Kettlebell Kitchen offer a meal prep service for different goals if you are interested in watching your intake or have a personal goal in fitness and health. I was very impressed with my meal and I most certainty will be paying them more visits.

The price is reasonable with the meal of two sides, the burger and drink and a brownie being £9.75 and a Kettlebell box mixed with a protein source, carbs and veg between £7.95 for a regular and £9.95 for a king size.

You can find the Kettlebell Kitchen at Great Ancoats Street on the edge of Manchester City Centre, M4 5AB. Additionally check out their website: where you can find out more information and check out the opening times to plan your visit. You honestly won’t regret it and you will be leaving satisfied and nourished.

Kettlebell Kitchen, 5, Nuovo, Great Ancoats Street, M4 5AB, Manchester

Cennet Tezgel | Food/Fitness Blogger | Nutrition student and MetMUncher