Chrissi Nerantzi’s Try-This-At-Home Tzatziki


What is your role at Manchester Met?

Principal Lecturer in Academic CDP.

What does that involve?

I work with passionate academics and other professionals who teach or support learning to spice up teaching practices and create stimulating learning experiences.

Which women inspire you and why?

All women that are there for others and stand up for what they stand for.

What is the greatest challenge to women working in Higher Education?

It still seems to be a man’s world especially when it comes to academic leadership. I think women would welcome more inclusive institutional cultures, openness and transparency but also support to pursue their professional aspirations… but then who wouldn’t?

What is your favourite recipe?

Try-This-At-Home Tzatziki

My favourite try-this-at-home recipe is good for you and yummy!


You will have heard of the famous Greek tzatziki. It works great as a healthy dip or spread and is a refreshing alternative that will transport you into a place where the sea is always blue and the sun is shining even when it is freezing cold.

Well, stop spending all your money on buying the ready-made tzatziki in the supermarket and start making your own in just 15 minutes max. Do you dare to try?

All you need is the following. Promise, no fancy ingredients you will need only once!

Ok, here we go…

One cucumber: peel and grate it. Remove as much of the water as possible and add to a container with a lid. Go for a largish one… as you are following a Greek recipe… which means you are preparing tzatziki for an army… well, not exactly, but it will definitely be more than you can eat in one go.


Black pepper (but not as pepper corns)

Olive oil, essential, it won’t taste the same if you go for another option! How much? About 2 tablespoons, you can always add a bit more at the end.

2 garlic cloves, less or none, depending how you like it. Remember garlic is good for your heart and probably other things as well 😉

Oregano if you have some.

Some salt or none at all, which might be better for you.

Add 500 grams of Greek or Greek style yoghurt. Check, there will be low-fat and fat-free options too. Pick the one that works best for you.

Mix it all together using a spoon, add a little bit of extra olive oil at the top and voila, you have made your first Greek tzatziki.

You will have noticed that the amount you made will last for a while and/or can be shared with friends and family.

Cover your tzatziki and put in the fridge. You can keep it there for about a week unless you eat it before then, which is very possible.

Καλή όρεξη! or Kalee Orexee and share your pictures and videos with us using the hashtag #MMUWomenInFocus

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