Why I’ve Joined MetMUnch – By Phoebe Broadway

Hey! My name is Phoebe. I have a passion for health and wellbeing and have been following this lifestyle for a number of years, and I am keen to further my knowledge by studying Nutritional Sciences at Manchester Met this September.

I have been fascinated by MetMUnch since visiting Manchester Met. From the work of their meatless GROW café, to the outstanding number of awards of which they have been nominated for and won! I highly respect and admire MetMUnch’s wholesome ethos of living a sustainable, healthy, nutritious, happy lifestyle, which has made me eager to join!

Choosing a University

Choosing a university can be a difficult decision for various reasons. For me, choosing a university which encourages the broadening of knowledge in a supportive environment was a key factor in my decision making. I was first introduced to MetMUnch when I arrived at the Manchester Met open day last July.

Haleh Moravej, a Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences and the founder of MetMUnch, spoke highly of the social enterprise and from that day on I was keen to find out more. After making my decision to join Manchester Met, I began following the MetMUnch’s Instagram page which lead me towards their website.

During Lockdown

Over the uneasy days of lockdown, the website was a great comfort and something to look forward to and gain inspiration from. I found the recipes easy to recreate, yet delicious and a fuel for my own imagination and creativity. I especially loved the variety from delicious tahini biscuits to remarkable dahls. 

The website has helped with tips not only on nutrition but how to live more sustainably as well. I have loved reading about how to reduce my own carbon footprint with food tips such as buying locally, eating seasonally and reducing meat intake.

This has inspired me to think about where I will be buying my produce from when I move to Manchester, what local food markets I will be buying from, and the most sustainable way to travel. In addition, planning ahead and keeping organised will help prevent panic buying and grabbing the quickest, easiest meal which may not be the best for our health.

Education is Key!

For me education is key. We all have a right to know what is going into our bodies and what our bodies require to function properly. I find that MetMUnch is fantastic at educating in an informative interactive way, which helps making the healthy decisions of what we consume on a daily basis a whole lot easier.

I have loved discovering MetMUnch and I cannot wait to continue following, as well as now being part of their journey.

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