Tips On How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Food Top Tips – By Saarah Ahmed

Carbon emissions are highly damaging to our planet and it has become more and more of a priority over the past years. With scientists desperately working around the clock to find a solution, we can all do our bit to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Here are some tips as to how you can help:

Aim to reduce your wastage.

Shop regularly and plan ahead to reduce the amount of waste you may end up with. Planning will ensure you use up all your food items with minimal waste. By doing this you can create a list before going to the supermarket and maybe even set a budget for yourself? In the long term, this could save you £££.

Buy local.

This is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions and support your local community. By going local, such as an allotment or farm, you could reduce the carbon footprint on foods massively but also help your local growers by supporting their profession. Purchasing fresh fruit and veg can make all the difference to your dishes!

Buy seasonally.

Purchasing foods in season is a great way to do your bit to help! This can reduce carbon emissions massively through fuel spent on importing foods. It will also help you to have a wide range of fruit and veg all year round. Don’t be shy to try new foods, you might find something you love!

Reduce your meat intake

Meat has a HUGE carbon footprint due to the requirements of herding animals but also the transportation of them globally. Many people have been misled to think that meat is an ESSENTIAL in your diet when it isn’t!

If you were to ask anyone in the health profession from nutritionists to dieticians, they will say you don’t have to consume meat, it’s much better for your health not to. Start off slowly and reduce the amount of meat you consume in the week then gradually over time work your way towards a low meat or meat free diet.

Avoid packaging.

Plastic packaging on food items is a massive waste and costs massively in terms of carbon! Aiming to purchase items that have none or alternative packaging, fresh produce is the best option. If you really cannot avoid the packaging, then make sure you RECYCLE IT! Don’t send it to the landfill, they’re already full…..

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