The Best Tips on Arriving to University This September -By Duaa Ahmad

Arriving to university is possibly one of the most exciting experiences ever! But, just like everything else in life, things could go wrong or you could simply miss out on useful tips to give you the best start for the year ahead!

Here are our top tips for making the most of your time here!

Settling in

Settling into your new place will take a bit of getting used to. But we believe taking a few steps to make your bedroom feel more homely is a great idea! Start by unpacking all your belongings and organise them nicely to make getting ready in the mornings easier. This will make your room a place to unwind and help you clear your mind!


Shopping at places like budget supermarkets, such as Aldi and Lidl are a great way to save money on weekly food shops. However, in an effort to lower your carbon footprint and eat sustainably without compromising your nutrition, try to shop for loose fruit and vegetables and refillables such as cereals and spices where you can.

Check out this link to a guide on all the sustainable food shops near you.

A great alternative to these, is the Veg Box People. They provide organic vegetables supplied by veg growers most local to Greater Manchester area and some urban veg growers, as well as some growers in some historical parts of Lancashire. They offer great convenience with many pick up points scattered around Manchester, including our lovely All Saints Park in the heart of our University!

Get yourself out there!

Manchester has a lot to offer when it comes to staying active, from gyms to swimming pools to yoga. But while some may be temporarily closed right now, here are a few ways you can stay active and enjoy Manchester’s vibrant atmosphere.

First up, outdoor workouts! They’re a fun way to energise yourself inside and out (of course, if Manchester’s rainy weather doesn’t change your plans). Practicing a yoga flow might set your mind for a fantastic day ahead.

Next, runs, walks and hikes! Walking around Manchester is an experience in itself so put on a podcast or some of your favourite tunes and get walking in the streets of Manchester. You can thank us later!

Check the link below for some great planned walking routes around the city.

Last is hiking! An awesome way to socialise and make memories with friends or housemates. Just make sure you wear the right footwear and plan your journey safely. Please make sure you are following the latest guidelines and advice on COVID-19 from the government and university when planning days out and journeys.

Visit Manchester have a great list of locations you could visit for stunning hiking routes and views

Download MCR Met Moves

Our university’s own app from MMU Sport for students and staff that rewards you for staying active! Whether you are a runner or a skater, this app can track your activity and earns you exciting rewards you can claim on campus!

Next stop… Students’ Union

The Students’ Union is your place to go to find out about all the great stuff you could get involved in. A chance for you to join different societies and clubs that focus on a variety of sports and hobbies. They also have great opportunities for volunteering and activities that would help you grow your skills and gain lots of valuable experience. You can also use it as a space to socialise and enjoy some of your free time.

The Students’ union website has lots of articles and advice on lots of things from academic support, financial advice to well, Covid-19…

  • Stay in touch with uni

Everybody at university is here to support you and guide you through this new experience, don’t hesitate to approach your digital student hub, visit the university’s website for all the useful information on

Go to GROW. Well, when it’s open 😊

Our meet-free café that offers a range of vegan and vegetarian meals, with ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Fancy a warming stew? A bowl of soup? Or one of our queue-worthy bagels? Find us at the back of the North Atrium of the Business School. GROW will be back open in January 2021, we can’t wait!

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