My Vegan Journey – By Molly Hall

Let’s start with introductions. My name is Molly and I am due to enter my third year of study in Nutritional Sciences after being on a gap year to accommodate my pregnancy and birth of my third baby.

To fill the time (as if twin four-year olds and a new-born aren’t enough!), I run fortnightly workshops for new parents focussing on infant weaning, which I absolutely adore, but my passion most definitely lies with my plant-based lifestyle. 

Without sounding too corny, I like to think of my vegan story as a journey that began almost 20 years ago with vegetarianism at the approximate age of 5. I made the decision to leave animals off my plate after connecting the fish I was given for dinner with the fish I kept in a bowl called Sydney.

Luckily, despite eating meat at the time, my family were supportive in my decision. Because of this, I experienced little to no issues in my vegetarianism (other than struggling to walk down a meat aisle as a child), which eventually led me to look further into agriculture and question other animal by-products.

I was around 17 when I slowly began removing dairy from my diet, which in turn rapidly cleared my eczema that I’d had since I was a baby! 

However, it wasn’t until I lived alone in London at 19 that I watched Joaquin Phoenix’s documentary ‘Earthlings’ (admittedly out of nothing but sheer boredom) that I learned the horrors of not only the meat industry, but the dairy, egg and pet industries alike.

There was no way that, with my newfound knowledge, I could continue giving my money to these industries, and I haven’t looked back since. 

It was no question that when I fell pregnant with my twins a little time later that I would continue with my veganism and raise my children with the same ethics. As well as the health side of things, it seemed incomprehensible to raise my children with respect and compassion towards animals, yet serve them meat for dinner.

After breastfeeding for the first six months of their lives, we began introducing complementary foods – the first being (their much-loved favourite) avocado – which has now become an abundance of colourful plant based whole foods. 

Having knowledge, experience and some qualifications in health and nutrition fields, as well as being a heartfelt vegan and mum of plant-based children, I decided to put my passion in one place by setting up my Instagram page @BGNVGN.

Little did I know it would become my business!

My page shares all things kids, food and health with sustainability being the ribbon wrapped around the package. I don’t run my page with the intent of telling parents how to raise their children, only to share how beneficial raising plant-based children has been for me, and to dispel myths around the subject.

I love to share tips and tricks, as well as my professional rugby player boyfriend’s (mostly) plant-based journey that he never envisaged himself embarking on. I’d love to engage with you and share the exciting things I have planned for the page!

Molly x