How My Hobby Turned Into A Business – By Zoha Saeed

I’m Zoha Saeed – a second year student studying Nutritional Sciences who may be a little too obsessed with cooking and baking! Whoopsies!

So, my passion for cooking and, in particular, baking started way back when I was younger at around the age of 9 or 10.

My earliest memories include watching my mum bake our birthday cakes and I would be amazed at how nice and yummy they’d turn out.

Watching my Mum bake inspired me to bake for the first time at 9 years old, I started off with an easy small vanilla sponge cake! Ever since then I haven’t put my whisk and wooden spoon down, and this is when my dream of having my own bakery began. 

Fast forward a few years to 2016 and I finally decided to create an Instagram page (@bakesbyzoha) to showcase all of the cakes I had baked for family and friends. I intended this page to be an online portfolio for myself to look back at my progress.

But it wasn’t too long before people started asking if I was selling my bakes. At first I was hesitant to take orders as I was still in school and was focusing on my GCSES, so I had to turn many people down. 

It wasn’t until last year when I became more active on my Instagram page that my following slowly started growing and I properly began selling my bakes whilst taking over the kitchen table with my orders (sorry mum).

Around this time, I began my current job of working as a pastry chef (@zohapastrychef), which enabled me to gain more baking experience to help perfect my bakes.

I sell a range of items including cupcakes, biscuits, birthday cakes, brownies and even postal brownies. But the most popular item is probably brownies as everyone is obsessed at how gooey they are – but let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good brownie!

Tips for starting your own business whilst still in education:

– Get experience wherever you can.

– If you’re passionate then no one can stop you.

– Practice definitely makes perfect!