Get your 5-a-day in with smoothies – By Saarah Ahmed

SMOOTHIES!!! These are a great way for you to get some of your 5-a-day intake and is a great way to sneak in fruits or veggies that you or your kids might not want to eat! Try not to just stick to fruit as the sugar content will be high – throw in some vegetables to keep it balanced!

A tasty drink that everyone will have and is filled with goodness, what’s not to love?

Get Blending Your Smoothies!

Grab a smoothie blender and I would advise not to turn the plug on until the lid is securely fitted. This will ensure there are no accidents *learn from your mistakes they say aha*.

A good base for any smoothie is yoghurt, the nutritional and health benefits from consuming yoghurt are soo important! As long as you have dairy, and you are going for natural yoghurt with no flavourings, there’s no reason not to.

For those of you that might be vegan or you steer clear of dairy, alternatives include soy, coconut, almond, hemp, flax, or cashew milk. These options are often filled with probiotic bacteria, and can be a beneficial addition to a healthy diet.

Get Hunting For Ingredients

Now this is the point you go on a scavenger hunt around your kitchen and grab as many fruits and vegetables as you possibly can without dropping anything aha. You can go for a theme such as berries or tropical or you can just completely squash everything in and hope for the best, they usually turn out the best!

If your trying to get your kids to consume more fruit and veg, you can add a couple of veggies such as carrots into your smoothie but then add more berries which will conceal the flavour of the carrot. This way they are getting some carrot into their diet without them even knowing!

Once everything is in the blender give it a good whiz to ensure everything has been blended. You can add ice at the end and give it another whiz. This makes a really refreshing drink that everyone will be tempted to have.

Smoothies are so quick and easy to make with no prep needed and minimal washing up, which is always a bonus! Try and aim for to use seasonal fruits and vegetables in your drink. Doing so will help reduce carbon emissions, a huge focus at the moment.

You can also pop to your local farm or even allotment and support your local community!

Top tip: if you are able to store frozen products, frozen fruit is a godsend as the fruit is prepped and can go straight into the blender, saving you time and mess in the kitchen!

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