Food Budgeting – By Duaa Ahmad

At first, budgeting may seem complicated or tedious. But it’s actually a super useful skill that helps you enjoy your money whilst keeping that fridge nice and full.

Setting a weekly/monthly budget for groceries and other essentials is so important, after paying rent for example you should look at how much money you can put towards food shops each month/week. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right on your first trip to the shops, experimenting is a good way to determine the budget that offers you a balanced nourishing diet without you missing out on activities or outings.

Food shopping lists are your best friend!

Going through your fridge before you go out to do your food shop is a good place to start. This will help you avoid duplicating products you already have or buying more than you need. But hang on! How are you supposed to know what exactly you need to buy? Because let’s face it, staring at a fridge isn’t the answer to most things in life!

Go ahead and create your menu for the week

Searching the internet, scrolling through apps or flicking through cookbook pages for recipes is not only so much fun (please tell me I’m not alone in this😊) but it’s a great way to get inspired for the week ahead! You can be creative and have a varied diet on a budget.

I regularly use websites like BBC Good Food, Tasty, Yummly as well as some great cookbooks written by qualified nutritionists – (Note they all have filters for different dietary requirements) and of course MetMUnch.

Once you have your menu planned with ingredients from your cupboard, your fridge and the items you need to buy on your food shop, its time to hit the shops!

Go in only for what you need on that list!

This will help you avoid extra unnecessary costs and extra potential food waste – remember your menu? Does this ingredient fit into it? Will it be here on next week’s grocery trip? Maybe you could grab it then and incorporate it into a delicious dish from your next menu!

Location, location, location

Last but not least, think of the locations you shop at, simply put, the more central you go the pricier it may get! So, travelling a little with a group of friends might be something you want to look into because let’s face it… those bags of lentils and oat milk bottles won’t carry themselves! Which takes me to my last and best tip!

Planning your food shops and meals with other people is a fantastic way for supporting each other, whether someone’s cooking skills are in massive need of improving, or another who could show off their skills and expertise in la cuisine!

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