Dealing with exam stress


So just to start off with a little splash of irony for you; I started to write this blog as I had been sat at the kitchen table, all my revision splayed out in front of me like a good little Hermione Granger except my eyes were glazed over, the fear and stress were rising inside of me and my head felt like it was going to explode as I stared off into the existential void.

I reckon I am 100% the ideal candidate to write a post on dealing with exam stress as someone who clearly handles this problem so well (lol NO).

I am terrible at dealing with stress. Simple as that. I let it completely take over and drive me to insanity to the point where I had a dream that my best friend set my revision on fire as a method of sabotage. Seriously it’s insane.

But there are a few things I do that honestly make the revision period a little less painful and seem to work for me to make the revision material stick in my brain (fingers crossed; proof is in the pudding and that).

Sooooooooo, my list

1. Going to the gym:

So I know the gym can occasionally feel like torture while you’re there buuuut no denying you always feel good after a sweat! I find it wakes you up makes you feel energised and once I get my blood pumping my revision is so much more efficient! It’s also a super good way to take an hour and do something productive but also you can switch your brain off for a bit! It’s usually my go to revision break. 

2. Sleeeeeeeeeep!

Now I don’t know about you but I seem to slip into full blown psychosis when i don’t get enough sleep which as you can imagine does not make me feel any less stressed. Personally when I’m sleep deprived I can’t rationalise my stress and then I start to stress about stress. My point is, sleep is often sacrificed by people during exam periods but its so so important!

I guarantee if you allow yourself a decent nights sleep, (or at least go to bed at a reasonable time and rest), you will feel so much better the next day and hopefully be able to work better.

3. Nourish to flourish sweeties:

Ignore the cheesy rhyme coz this is an important one. So as a nutrition student I’m probs (defo) a bit biased BUT proper nutrition during revision periods is another doozy and something you should be mindful of. Make sure you’re eating 3 square meals a day. Make sure you don’t go super long periods of time without eating.

Also I know it’s a sad sad time and you wanna treat yoself and I’m not saying you shouldn’t, (you deserve choccy whenever you want) buuuuut you should also aim to keep them just as treats and not live on chocolate and junk because you’ll find yourself having a big sugar rush and then a big sugar crash and overall they don’t feed your brain and don’t really make you feel good. Instead, if you feel the need for a sugar hit make sure you’re prepped and have things like fruit and nuts to hand (walnuts specifically are fabby brain foods).

4. Venture outside!

This is another fave of mine when you’ve been stuck inside all day and you start to feel like your brain is melting, grab a friend or stick your headphones in and go for a walk outside! It clears your brain and is a great way to switch off for a bit! Similar to the gym it gets your blood pumping and you’ll be more efficient at your revision when you sit back in front of it.

5. Take regular breaks:

I don’t mean procrastinate the day away by doing sweet f.a. but make sure you don’t sit stewing in stress for prolonged amounts of time! Give yourself a breather every once in a while!

So really, the exam period is a crappy time. It’s super boring whatever way you look at it but also its only for a short amount of time and then you can switch of your brain and enjoy the summer! Just try your best to not get wound up in stress; you can only do so much!

Give yourself time to relax as well as time to work, and basically just think of the end goal!


You’re doing amazing sweetie x

Grace 🙂