An Internship at MetMUnch – by Levi Richardson

Summary of project

I was brought into MetMUnch on an internship to fulfil the role of ‘sustainability project coordinator’ in order to enhance the sustainability side of MetMUnch through disseminating information via a multitude of platforms, from social media such as Instagram to blog writing for the website!

My line manager and founder of MetMUnch, Haleh Moraveg, did not bring me and the other intern onto the team just to do her jobs, instead, she knew she had something to offer us and wanted to impart her knowledge and skills (both of which Haleh has a surplus of).

A keynote about Haleh, she is an inspiring manager and opportunity creator, showing us how much can be achieved in a single day – she really is wonder woman.

How the internship affected me personally

This internship has allowed me to find new strengths and interests I never thought of pursuing. For example, as a kid in school I really struggled with English and was told I wouldn’t pass my English exams and needed extra support and to be pulled out of normal lessons. Whereas now I am thoroughly enjoying writing weekly blogs and Haleh hasn’t stopped me, so I can’t be too awful – which has been a shocking turn of events that I never would have found out if I hadn’t started this internship.

On top of that Dean, who has created the whole brand for MetMUnch, has taught me how to successfully post these blogs to the MetMUnch website using WordPress! It is a very rewarding experience to create a blog from first thinking up an idea, to researching and crafting the blog to posting it on the MetMUnch website.

Furthermore, Haleh has helped me develop my previously non-existent Instagram skills which has meant I can then promote the blogs that I and others create!

How the internship affected me personally

Right back at the start of the internship Haleh encouraged us to put a personal touch into our blogs in order to connect more with audiences. Being a long-term anxiety sufferer, I decided, this was what I could open up with and perhaps connect and encourage other anxiety sufferers with my, somewhat of a success story such as getting through uni (despite almost dropping out several times) and achieving a master’s degree and an internship despite my adverse mental health.

So, I wrote the blog and received a lot of positive feedback and as a result I have had a real confidence boost!

Here’s a random picture of my cats who have featured in a few of my blogs. They also helped me on my journey haha.

Skills gained from working for MetMUnch

Dean taught me adobe illustrator and photoshop basics, which allowed me to create a MetMUnch Halloween logo and accompanying giff! Something I never dreamed of doing beforehand. Dean also taught me search engine optimization when developing website posts too!

Haleh has pushed me to take calculated risks, to believe in myself and my occasionally offbeat ideas. As a result, I now feel more confident in my own abilities. Subsequently, I now feel more comfortable in meetings, interviews and presenting my ideas, I spend far less time worrying beforehand then I used to!

I also had the freedom to partake in numerous events and gain certificates such as carbon literacy (everyone should do this!), the green summit, google ads search engine optimization and a seminar on vegan diets (did you know 63% of vegans are female? Men, where are you?).


My biggest challenge during this internship was my own anxiety. Initially I was incredibly nervous before meetings and wanted to bail! The build-up of tension and dread beforehand was rather intense. Although, after meeting everyone, my anxiety has reduced a fair bit since the team is so friendly and meetings seem to be more of a catch-up more than anything 😊 Haleh gave me a great tip, to try and channel my nerves into excitement because its the same adrenal response (find out more here).

I perhaps struggled at the start with the amount of free reign to venture in whatever direction I chose, but once I settled in I think I thrived on it, being able to explore my own creativity! In the end I developed a pretty efficient weekly routine that I thoroughly enjoyed.


What I will take away from this internship is the passion and creativity as well as confidence to voice my sometimes-whacky ideas. Moving forward, I will put more time into my own entrepreneurial side. I will also start blogging in my free time as its both cathartic and fun, I will continue upskilling and I will produce content for MetMUnch in the future. Career wise I am far more prepared then I was before, although I am sure I have been spoilt and won’t ever get as lucky as I did with this internship in terms of freedom and structure.

Here is the MetMunch logo Dean and I created

Final thoughts

I met some truly fantastic and inspiring individuals through my time at MetMUnch! I have loved collaborating with different departments and how connected different sections of the university are.

Covid has meant working from home, which is funny because it means I only know people from the shoulders up in zoom meetings. I am glad MetMUnch and the internship scheme has persisted despite covid.

I would recommend this internship and working for MetMUnch to anyone!

Levi Richardson

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