Yogurt please! That’ll be four teaspoons of sugar…

As it is Sugar Awareness Week we wanted to enlighten you on one of the ways that you might be consuming more sugar than you thought. Often, the the focus is on the sugar in soft drinks, sweets and every now and then the coffees in Starbucks, however one very dangerous oversight is being made by the public in the mission to be more healthy…yogurts!

Yogurts you ask? But they are part of my healthy breakfast you say.

In some cases you will be correct, however little do you know that the delicious ‘healthy’ yogurt you have in the morning could have as much sugar in as the chocolate bar you wouldn’t even consider for breakfast!

Don’t get me wrong; un-sweetened, natural yogurts make an extremely healthy snack. They are overflowing with calcium, protein and vitamins. If you choose a natural yogurt then the benefits are vast. The lactic bacteria in yoghurt can boost the immune system, lower body fat; protect against food poisoning and build stronger bones. Furthermore, here at MetMUnch can’t claim that all sugars in yogurts are bad, however, scratch beneath the surface of some of your favourite brands and you’ll find similar levels to junk food lurking in that tub.


One problem lies with the fact that brands like to use various deceptive ways of marketing their products to make them appear healthier than they are. And yogurts that are often promoted to children can pack the most sugar out of all of them.

Not too surprising is the fact that the Muller Corner range can contain 90% of a child’s daily allowance of sugar. That’s over four and a half teaspoons in one 100g serving!!

The biggest shock though will come from the yogurts that you might think will be healthy…the ones labelled 0% fat. In a fat conscious world this might seem like a win. A great tasting yogurt with no fat probably ticks a lot of boxes for you, however, to be able to bulk it out and ensure it tastes good I think you can guess what they use.


And in the end excess sugar gets converted into the very thing that it is claiming to not contain…fat.

Two yogurts that you might have considered to be healthy; Onken Greek style apple and cinnamon yogurt and the Yeo Valley 0% fat vanilla yogurt are not what they seem.

Let’s start with Onken. Greek yogurt gets an amazing write up and the health benefits can be great. However, what you need to be aware of is that whenever you choose a yogurt that is flavoured then that normally means one thing…sugar. What the front of the label fails to mention is that they add four teaspoons of sugar to it. Crazy right?!

Now for the one people would consider being healthiest…Yeo Valley and its 0% fat vanilla yogurt, surely 0% fat means it’s healthy? Nope! They’ve still managed to cram in 15.5g of sugar into a 100g serving, which is just a bit less than four teaspoons.


Some of the main reasons for this are that, although dairy prices have been falling, sugar is still the cheaper alternative to bulk up that pot. That combined with the fact that natural yogurt tastes quite sour, means that the sugar makes tastier, and more addictive and generally more fun for the sugar beasts we have become in the last few decades.

Obviously, it will still come down to have a healthy balanced lifestyle, but more care needs to be taken with all processed food. Take the time to read the label to see what you’re actually eating. Alternatively, why not make yourself some overnight oats to give yourself the brain food that you need, as well as keeping you fuller for longer.

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