An Anti-Diet Zine To Get You Through The New Year

MetMUnch are bringing you an anti-diet zine that will guide you through this time of detoxes and cleanses all over the media, and remind you of how to look after your body and promote sustainability instead!

After the feasting festive season, we can’t simply enjoy the fresh slate of the New Year without being bombarded with d*et plans and w***htloss regimes from every direction. We return to work or school, groggy and full, exhausted from the sheer effort of doing nothing for two weeks, and we are immediately told that we should be starting our calendars off with a diet.

Unfortunately, this annual attack has been in place for decades. It is seen again in the build up to the summer holidays with the search for the elusive “Beach Body”. But in recent years we’ve seen a new villain in town – the cleanse, or detox. From juice cleanses to detox teas that claim to clean and refresh your digestive and immune systems, these products are being promoted by celebrities and influencers who are paid to endorse them, despite their medical implications. 

This unnecessary and dangerous trend is further promoting unhealthy attitudes towards food and our bodies at a time when we are already seeing an increase in mental health issues. Magazines, newspapers and social media encourage this, using the theme of New Year’s Resolutions to tell us that our goals for the year should focus on weight loss instead of personal growth, restriction instead of learning new skills, and control instead of freedom. 

The antidote:

That’s why MetMUnch are bringing you an antidote. Our anti-diet zine, Treat Yourself, is your pocket guide to fend off the dangerous advice to deprive your body of what it craves and needs, and instead focus on your own wellbeing – promoting mindfulness, happiness and sustainability. The zine is a free resource, which we aim to at some point distribute around campus but will for now provide as a digital download which you can download, print and fold yourself!

We’ll be sharing more information over social media in the coming days that prioritises self-care, a balanced lifestyle and mental wellbeing over counting and measuring. We’ll tell you how to look out for the zine when it’s finished very soon!