My MetMUnch Internship Journey By Ben Pearson

As my internship reaches its halfway point, it’s time to reflect on all the amazing things I have achieved so far, and what new skills I have learned. In week 1, I used Canva to design over 60 recipe cards. This developed my ability to design digital content on a platform I hadn’t used before. The recipe cards were bright, simple, and engaging.

The next week, I was thrown completely out of my comfort zone when I attended the university nutrition laboratories. I was joined by Haleh and graduated nutritionists who had designed traditional Manchester-based recipes as part of the Manchester Ripples of Hope Festival. This was my first time using the labs, and me being a Sports Management graduate was not familiar with making Medieval bread or Eccles cakes from scratch. However, I threw myself in the deep end and our end products turned out stupendously.

The MetMUnch team were able to give out these tasty treats and bombard hundreds of students with information at the MMU Welcome Weekend. Here I really came into my own and used my existing skills, such as communication and sales pitching to market MetMUnch to the new and returning MMU students. I used my experiences from my placement year at MMU Sport, where I delivered many campaigns and had to be personable, approachable, and knowledgeable. 

I was able to develop my communication skills further when I designed and delivered a presentation on Plant-Based Proteins to first-year marketing students. I am a confident public speaker, and this presentation allowed me to showcase my skills. Throughout my internship, I have either been reading, writing, or delivering presentations continuously. I feel I have become extremely efficient in Microsoft. Furthermore, I formed the MetMUnch Tik Tok page, where I have designed and recorded myself cooking nutritional and sustainable meals.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this internship thus far has been my blog writing. Haleh has empowered me to write about issues I am passionate about. Many of these blogs have involved me reading and educating myself on current challenges and finding solutions on health, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. I have written on: Plant-based proteins, how to survive on a budget, how to gym at home and the importance of biodiversity. I feel I am broadening my knowledge of important societal issues we currently face to reduce our carbon footprint each day.

I have thoroughly enjoyed these opening 5 weeks, I have learnt an awful lot, and am really interested in how as a collective we can work together to become more sustainable. I look forward to the second half of this internship and hope I can develop new skills and enhance my understanding of nutrition, sustainability and well-being. I want to thank Haleh, who has been extremely supportive of the objectives I have set myself, by empowering and mentoring me throughout.