MetMUnch are buzzing about their new bee collaboration!

MetMUnch has teamed up with a sci-artist to develop some bee-utiful materials for their exciting To Bee or Not To Bee event at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Kelly Stanford creates art themed around scientific concepts, and uses it for science communication purposes. Kelly is currently involved in is the STEM Bee sculpture, which will be located at Manchester Oxford Road station from July 23rd to September 23rd. The bee sculpture is embellished with science facts, imagery from research publications, poetry and portraits of famous local scientists.STEM BeeKelly also started the John Dalton Garden Project after noticing how much diversity in plant and insect species there was in such a small-enclosed urban space.

She said: “Having started the John Dalton Garden Project I was surprised to spot Ashy Mining Bees burrowing in the wooden planters – a species which isn’t recorded as being present here on the NBN Atlas. This inspired me to go ahead documenting and illustrating what I saw. I’m hoping to build a visual guide of all plant and insect species in the garden to raise awareness of what can potentially be found in an urban environment such as university campuses.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 16.25.03 “I feel that small-scale studies such as these are really important in highlighting the fact that species that were once pushed out by urban development can now be successfully
reintroduced, even with minimal space and resources.”

Continuing with the bee theme, Kelly has now teamed up with MetMUnch to create bee-utiful materials that highlight the diversity of food that bees help to produce, and dangers they face as numbers continue to drop. MetMUnch will be at the Bee: Late event at the Museum of Science and Industry is being held on Wednesday 25th July, which will have lots of fun and interactive bee-themed activities. Visitors will be able to see first-hand what the collaboration has developed in what promises to be a great evening.


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