PB & J Porridge – By Duaa Ahmad

I mean, what better thing could you have early in the morning?! You could top it with fruits, nuts, seeds, nut butter, honey…. And the list goes on!

Now since we have been graced by the blessing that is porridge, how about we look into its nutrient content! I’ve checked beforehand (for you!) and these figures vary between different porridge oats for various reasons like the how they were manufactured.

High in fibre

The ones I used in the video and my go to from Aldi however, have 8.6g of fibre per 100g! Your body will love you for this dose of fibre first thing in the morning! Most porridge oats you purchase will have between 7-9g of fibre per 100g too, so pick up any type you enjoy.

Now fibre of course supports your digestive health and keeping your gut bacteria happy, hence why us nutritionists are constantly pushing you to eat your veg, fruit and now porridge, you cannot escape it!!!

Protein is also a nutrient that is a big part of porridge for me, as protein helps you stay fuller for longer, again there are about 10-12g of protein in every 100g of oats making some a source of protein if they provide 12% of the energy value of the food provided from protein.

Honestly, my one most important tip is never think there is a limit to what flavour combination or toppings you can add to your bowl of oats. For me, oats are a blank canvas and that makes it so exciting as I can have total freedom with creating heaps of recipes and flavours every day!

Hence why I get inspired by spices as much as I do fruits and nuts…Why not? Watch my video on how to make porridge the Duaa way with both sweet and savoury options (It works! I promise).

Peanut Butter & Jelly (Jam)

This recipe is inspired by one of my favourite sandwich combinations, Peanut Butter and Jam or Jelly, whatever you call it. I realise this is a classic American combo, but all the cartoons I watched in my childhood involved PB&J sandwiches on at least one occasion.

So, I insist on introducing more people to this legendary combo! I had this breakfast almost everyday on the train to university, and with the pressures of final year university I can say it was always a happy part of my day to eat my PB&J porridge on that Northern Rail train!

Okaaaay! If you managed to stay here long enough to reach this part of my blog… you will need:


  • Porridge (the amount is completely up to you) I usually make ½ cup, sometime 1 whole cup.
  • 1 or 1 ½ Milk of choice (Almond milk and Coconut milk are so delicious in porridge)
  • A drop of Olive Oil
  • Honey (optional)
  • Raspberries
  • Lemon
  • Sugar
  • Peanut butter
  • Nuts or seeds to sprinkle


1. I start by making a very quick version of Raspberry coulis, add raspberries, a squeeze of lemon juice and sugar into a pan. Cook until thick. Normally, you would strain out the seeds but I keep them for more texture!

2. In a separate heated pan, add your oats, with a drop of olive oil. I started doing this years ago to stop my oats from sticking to my saucepan… which was also why I switched to a non-stick frying pan, it makes cooking porridge so much easier for me and really speeds things up.

3. Mix the oats and olive oil until they are all somewhat coated in oil. Add the milk and stir.

4. When it starts to bubble up and thicken I may add a dash of milk, I find it adds more creaminess to the final product!  You can omit this

5. Once it’s ready, transfer to a bowl, add a dollop of PB and add the coulis you just made.

6. Top with nuts, seeds, fresh raspberries, more peanut butter? That is all up to you!

Enjoy every bit and tell your friends how amazing PB&J is!!!

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