A Whole Lotta’ Chocolate Krispy Cake – By Sarah Dunkerton

On your marks, get set…CAKE!!!

With so much time on our hands, and so much chocolate on the shelves, let’s make an Easter treat!

This recipe is a classic chocolate filled treat, with a slight difference. Why not try this easy cake in time for the Easter weekend!


75g Unsalted Butter

200g Milk Chocolate (Broken into pieces)

100g Dark Chocolate (Broken into pieces)

125g Rice Krispies

13 Mini Eggs to Decorate


Weighing Scales

1 Large Heat Proof Bowl

1 Large Saucepan

1 Stirring Spoon

20cm Loose Bottomed Round Cake Tin


1. Grease your cake tin (20cm loose bottomed and round)

2. Half fill your saucepan with water, once it’s boiling reduce the temperature to a low heat and place your large bowl over it.

3. Place the butter and chocolate pieces into the bowl and stir until they are mostly melted.

4. Turn the heat off and continue to stir until the mixture is fully melted and well combined.

5. Fold the rice krispies into the chocolate and evenly coat them.

6. Spoon the mix into the cake tin and pat down evenly with a spatula until the mixture is compact in the tin. Top Tip! Use a teaspoon around the edges for ease and precision.

7. Place in the fridge for 45mins – 1 Hr to set.

Get Creative!

This is a great way to use your Easter chocolate – decorate with whatever you have: mini eggs, cream eggs etc!